About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

ZEN IT HUB founded in 2013, is an independent, modern IT solution provider company with oodles of experience in creating digital products and the strategies to power them, formed by a group of professionals having vivid experience and broad exposure to Information Technology. We provide IT managed services, application management & support, e-commerce, web/mobile application, business management application and IT strategy consulting services from small to large scale companies in various industries. The company's strategy is to develop long-term strategic relationships with its customers, with intimate relationships, dependability, guaranteed consistency, and target-oriented digital technologies serving as significant building blocks.

Our unrivaled technological expertise, years of experience, and creative solutions would significantly improve your company's efficiency. Several large and medium-sized businesses have benefited from our high-quality, low-cost software development services. We are experts at providing high-quality tech services.


  • To support clients in their digital transformation journey by advising and implementing truly remarkable technology solutions.
  • To always be available and responsive, keeping our clients’ business on top priority.
  • To learn, adapt, and implement latest-in-technology innovations.


  • To provide outstanding customer experience to Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) as well as enterprises and corporations through innovation, talented resources, and tailored service solutions.
  • To transform brands and take their businesses to the next level by leveraging world-class technology solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We collaborate as if we were partners! Above all, we prioritize our customers! Transparency is essential to us! But, we don't neglect our obligations! You need us if you are an enthusiastic, concentrated, and innovative entrepreneur who does not believe in following obsolete technology. With us at your disposal, you will fully realize your talent and ability and achieve a level of success that your rivals can envy.

Our Fortitude.

Our organization employs creative individuals from various disciplines, which allows us to bring a fresh viewpoint to each project we work on. From the beginning to the present, we have attracted some of the most prestigious companies, representing firms of all types, sizes, and industries. Never be out of style. We assist our clients in growing their businesses. Establish a long-term friendship with our customers.Assure that our clients work admirably on a global scale.